Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love Remains

Shortly before my twins were born over 13 years ago, my youngest sister had her wedding.    In that wedding was music from a singer named Collin Raye.   Moved by the moment and the music, I did what many do: I ran out and began to download on iTunes, I mean steal on Napster, er, purchase a cassette tape (you old people like me know what one of those is) of the album containing that music.    I listened to that tape so much over the next year, I practically wore it out (a common problem of several years ago with the generation I inhabit).    Enough silliness on my part this morning, because I don't want to water down the point.

Our mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, Hazel Bingham, passed on a couple of days ago, and we spent time moving her things from the nursing home last night.   We've been preparing for this day for many years, but the reality is still painful.     The nursing home staff showered us with stories of how special she was, how kind she was to them, and how much they loved her.    She was with them for 4 years, and her mind, memory, and wit were sharp till almost the very end.

In my mind last night, I somehow went back to the many hours in the car from 1997, and listening to the song "Love Remains" from that old cassette tape.     Images of family past, my lovely wife Sherry, our kids, and good friends raced thru my mind, along with the thought "how can time have passed so quickly?".

Ecclesiastes 3:  For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. 
A time to be born and a time to die.   A time to plant and a time to harvest........
.....A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.

The lyrics to the referenced song follow.    I've watched a couple of homemade videos on YouTube this morning, and it's clear that many are moved in the same way as I by these words.    I hope they mean something to you as well.

"Love Remains", by Collin Raye:

We are born one fine day
Children of God on our way
Mama smiles daddy cries
Miracle before their eyes
They protect us till we're of age
Through it all love remains

Boy moves on takes a bride
She stands faithful by his side 
Tears and sweat they build a home
 Raise a family of their own
They share joy they share pain
Through it all love remains

Kingdoms come and go but they don't last
Before you know the future is the past
In spite of what's been lost or what's been gained
We are living proof that love remains

I don't know baby what I'd do
On this earth without you
We all live we all die
But the end is not goodbye
The sun comes up seasons change
Through it all love remains
An eternal burning flame
Hope lives on and love remains

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  1. Thank you, sweetheart. Beautiful. So sorry about both of your grandmothers. And you are right, love is what remains.